Monday, May 5, 2008

The Old City House Inn and Restaurant

A word of advice, although it doesn't seem to be the norm with most places these days, some restaurants don't serve from their dinner menu during lunch. To avoid any major disappointment, make sure you clear this up before planning your visit.

We had never been to the Old City House in St. Augustine but it is one of the restaurants we considered for our post-wedding lunch. We ended up choosing La Pentola for the occasion and it was amazing but we've wanted to try the Old City House ever since.

Located next to the Casa Monica in a cute little building, the Old City House is both a bed and breakfast and a restaurant. As alluded to before, the lunch and dinner menus are only served during distinctly alloted times so, despite my excitment, the ostrich medallions on the dinner menu were not to be mine during our lunch time visit. After a little part of me had died, I ordered the fish of the day (Escolar) and Kateri got a chicken sandwich (most of the lunch menu consists of sandwiches).

I'm not one of those people that goes to restaurants and complains about everything in hopes of getting something or everything free for enduring the immense hassle of being waited on and fed at a less-than-regal standard. Despite only a few patrons, the chorus here was strong but, while given ample reason to do so, I kept quiet. One waiter was buzzing from table to table only to get shouted at while our waiter disappeared for lengths of time, presumably dealing with other facets of the bed and breakfast. My fish was delicious, very juicy with an almost steak like initial flavor but I wasn't going to eat the plastic straw wrapper that somehow ended up on top of my brussels sprouts. Kateri was far less satisfied with her lackluster sandwich that wasn't even made right according to the description on the menu. Maybe they were just having a bad day... a really bad day.

Overall, The Old City House is a cute little restaurant with some good food but I would recommend avoiding the lunch. We'll have to try the dinner at some point to see if the later hours bring improved service and cooking along with the better menu items.

old city house

Old City House Inn and Restaurant
115 Cordova Street
St. Augustine, Florida 32084

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Epicurean Jax said...

If you head to St. Augustine again, DO NOT miss Bistro de Leon. It is ab fab!