Monday, May 5, 2008

Clark's Fish Camp

Even stranger than the name implies, Clark's Fish Camp in Mandarin is the most interesting restaurant I've been to in Jacksonville on all levels: crazy decor, weird food, and more rednecks than you can pack into a monster truck show. To experience Clark's Fish Camp is to experience Southern eccentricity at its finest.

clark's fish camp

Packed with stuffed wild animals and surrounded by a swamp full of real live alligators, Clark's serves a horde of oddities including gator tail, turtle, frog legs, rabbit, ostrich, kangaroo, rattlesnake and more in addition to the large selection of seafood, steak, chicken dishes from one of the largest menus I've ever seen.


Being in an adventurous mood, we decided to try a couple of the "call of the wild appetizers." First up was the ostrich which looked and tasted quite a bit like steak but with a hint of turkey and a more robust flavor. Next we had the antelope which was a lot like a drier and saltier venison (but not in an unpleasant way). More details on the taste of the meat itself can be found over at Edible Oddities.

ostrich antelope

The place itself was packed but we had the foresight to call ahead which I would definitely advise for anybody wanting to go... and I do recommend you go. Despite the business, we were well taken care of and the staff was very friendly. Be advised, if taxidermy displays creep you out then this may not be the ideal restaurant for you... particularly since some of the patrons can be far more frightening. But if you enjoy a side of strangeness with your meal then you must go to Clark's as soon as possible... I wish somebody had told me about it sooner.

clark's fish camp

Clark's Fish Camp
12903 Hood Landing Road
Mandarin, FL 32258
904-268-FISH (3474)

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