Sunday, May 18, 2008

Burrito Gallery - Jacksonville, FL

I had often heard about Burrito Gallery, but for me it was just too far out of the way to actually go try. I mean, it's a burrito place, there are burrito places everywhere in Jax, why would I subject myself to the parking situation downtown just to get a burrito?

One fateful night, however, we stumbled upon it completely by accident while wandering downtown and decided to give it a go. I can honestly say that not even the nightmare that is parking downtown can deter me from going back. The food is fantastic.

outside burrito gallery

My chicken burrito was by far the best burrito I have ever eaten... ever. The place constantly has new and interesting artistic pieces adorning the walls, and the back patio is absolutely adorable. I didn't sit at the bar, but in passing have decided it's the type of bar I would sit at. More importantly, at said bar you can get beer, wine, and LIQUOR, something those other burrito joints simply can't offer.

burrito gallery burrito

I highly recommend the place. There's even city parking in the lot next door if you want to pay for it, if not happy hunting.

burrito gallery sign

Burrito Gallery
21 East Adams St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 598-2922

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Meisha said...

gest you try the tacos sometime too! I like to get one shrimp, one mahi and one steak. They are small and tasty and just plain wonderful. Also they make the verde hot sauce in the squeeze bottles from scratch. It is a little spicy but so tasty. Enjoyed your blog. I think Jacksonville has plenty of hidden gems I'm glad you set out to find them.