Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Indochine is the latest in Jacksonville's rapidly expanding number of Thai Restaurants. Each new opening seems to up the ante on food and setting. It wasn't too long ago that Lime Leaf opened and blew away the competition with its exquisite food and sleek interior. Now Indochine has come along to raise the bar once again.

wrought iron stairwell

I've always admired the stairwell next to the Burrito Gallery. The wrought iron window set into a worn brick facade with aging rafters visible above the concrete stairs adorned with their own wrought iron railings. The food at the Burrito Gallery is enough of an attraction to warrant a visit but the stairwell is one of the handful of iconic images that I must take in to complete my trip downtown. Indochine won me over immediately by moving in above the Burrito Gallery and thereby forcing me to ascend this work of art.

indochine menu

The interior lives up to the magnificent entrance. Bare brick walls, natural lighting, and abundant greenery make for a very relaxing and aesthetically pleasing setting. We were lucky enough to be given a windown seat and enjoyed watching the world go by below.

red curry

The Chicken Red Curry, my go to meal and measuring stick of sorts at Thai restaurants, was the best I've had so far and that's considering some incredibly impressive competition. The vegetables were still fairly snappy, the chicken precisely cooked, and (most important of all) the curry sauce perfectly balanced. Despite the over-abundance of food, I was unable to stop myself from scoffing the entire plate and left myself nothing to eat for the following lunch. Luckily I was given leftovers from the Mixed Vegetables plate, an assortment of vegetables wok fried in a light brown sauce. The description may seem rather bland but the meal itself was very flavorful.

mixed vegetables

After recently finding a new favorite in Lime Leaf, I think Indochine has now taken its place at the top. Proximity means I'll happily frequent my former favorite but for recommendations and special occasions, this is a great destination to put on the list. I look forward to seeing what the next challenger will bring to the table but I'm skeptical that anyone can beat Indochine on location alone.

Indochine on Urbanspoon

21 E Adams Street Ste 200
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 598-5303


Frederick Wright said...

I'm so glad there is such positive buzz about Indochine! The downtown area has virtually no grown-up restaurants, so I am hoping this place is successful.

The unanimous favorite dish at our table of four people was the Curried Short Rib. So unusual, rich, and satisfying on a cool fall night. But really everything we've had there has been fantastic, from the silky, tender dumplings in their little bamboo steamer basket to the drunken noodles, to the very sophisticated cocktails and fabulous Thai-friendly Riesling wines.

Nancy White said...

heading there for lunch on your recommendation! everything looks amazing.