Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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The buffet, the lowest form of restaurant. A trough, merited only by endless food, an icon of rampant gluttony. A sybaritic symbol of the endless greed of modern man and his obese physique.

Or maybe not.

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The Take Away Gourmet is the creation of Matthew Madure, the single most famous name in Jacksonville's local culinary scene. Eat outside and you can even see his flagship restaurant, Matthew's, just across the road. The mission statement on the website reads:

"Chef Matthew and David Medure worked together to create an eatery dedicated to using the freshest seasonal ingredients. They were inspired to create simplistic home cooked meals for
people on the go. The meals that they developed offer an array of options, from healthy unique
salads to savory and delicious dishes. And that’s only the first course"

Feeding the well to do families of the area with pre-fabricated meals. When the valium is too strong or if the pool boy stays too long, the Take Away Gourmet has got you covered for dinner.

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Pay by the pound for eat-in or take-away or take advantage of the $13 all-you-can-eat. And regardless of the size of your appetite, you will take advantage of that deal, gorging yourself on each delicious little morsel of food. Seriously, amazing food; this is by no means an ordinary buffet.

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There are great little salads (the quinoa salad I had was particularly memorable), delicious cuts of meat, and expertly constructed dishes. But the quote of the day was "that's the best fried chicken I've ever tasted".

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The Take Away Gourmet puts other buffets to shame, but really, it's not even fair to compare. Amazing food, great concept, and a really good deal if you ask me. Great take-home meals at a reasonable cost. They also do catering so I'd definitely put them on the list of places to consider when planning your holiday party this year.

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And if you like the food, then check out Matthew's across the street. And take me with you, I'm dying to try and I'm hoping you'll buy.

TAG - Take Away Gourmet
2103 San Marco Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

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