Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bowl Of Pho

It was really compulsion more than anything else that drove us to the newly opened Bowl of Pho, being that it was the sole Vietnamese restaurant within a reasonable distance from us that we hadn't yet visited. We aimed to squeeze in a meal before our upcoming trip to Vietnam and ended up going twice.

If you happen to drive by it on Old Baymeadows Road, don't let the slightly garish sign put you off, the restaurant is fairly cute inside. It's definitely the most mainstream looking of the Vietnamese joints we've been to in the area. Perhaps not as swank as Lemongrass, which sits only a few doors down, but a good place to take a date when you're trying to show them how worldly and well cultured you are.

coconut boba tea

Having been intrigued by the looks of Bubble Tea for quite some time, we decided to indulge in a glass. Bubble Tea, or Boba Tea, for the uninitiated, is a milk-tea or milky beverage (typically cold) with a bunch of big tapioca balls sitting at the bottom of the container, waiting to choke unsuspecting victims. We didn't actually get tea, but some coconut flavored concoction. It was quite nice tasting but threatened to put me into a diabetic coma.


Because I loved it so much at Pho King Noodles, I decided to give the spicy soup a try on our first visit. While it was pretty good, I'd have to say that I preferred my first encounter. However, they do the best spicy lemongrass chicken dish out of all of the other local restaurants. Very good indeed. The meals enjoyed by our fellow diners, Pho and the Pork Combo Special, also looked rather tasty.

spicy chicken

Nice, clean place, ultra friendly staff, and the best spicy-lemongrass-chicken-stuff around. These are good enough reasons for me. Now, please excuse the silence while we visit Southeast Asia.

Bowl Of Pho (on facebook)
9902 Old Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256-8103
(904) 646-4455

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