Saturday, May 2, 2009

Riverside Arts Market

The local blogs and news sources have been all over the opening of the Riverside Art's Market so there's little we can say that hasn't already been covered. Regardless, the addition of an art/craft/produce market of this magnitude to the Jacksonville scene is more than appreciated and we wouldn't want to give the impression that we were neglecting the area's latest step towards creating a vibrant local culture.

RAM sign

Every Saturday from 10am to 4pm, the area underneath the Fuller Warren Bridge in Riverside explodes into a hive of commerce. The number of booths far exceeds what you may estimate on first glance but the magnitude of the affair becomes far more apparent as you make your way back towards the water. Fresh produce, paintings, sculptures, plants, apparel, crafts, food, and entertainment, all produced by local (or semi-local) people. If you want to discover what Jacksonville is all about then this might be a good place to start. You may be surprised at what your neighbors have been up to.

Parking is a bit spotty. Unless you have difficulties, I'd recommend stashing the car a good distance from the festivities and enjoying the pleasant walk to the market. Maybe if city officials see people attempting to walk around town they might put some money towards facilitating such activity. One can only hope.

RAM corridor

Be forewarned, the market will be packed and I, for one, hope it continues. Though it may be a little anxiety inducing for us agoraphobes, the large crowds only guarantee that this service will be perpetuated. For those fond of taking their quadrupeds with them on such ventures, it appears that [well-behaved] dogs are welcome. This, of course, means that there's a definite poo on shoe risk. And trust me, this is not just a theory but, quite unfortunately, a tested fact.

RAM juggler

You've heard it everywhere else and now here. Arts, crafts, plants, produce, and lots of food to be had at the Riverside Arts Market. You may even recognize many favorites from the Beaches Green Market and the St. Augustine Farmer's Market. Fun for the whole family. Bring the dog (and please bring a plastic bag). Oh, and bring cash.

Riverside Arts Market
Saturday, April to December
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Under the Fuller Warren Bridge

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