Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mellow Mushroom

My first experience with Mellow Mushroom was up in Atlanta during my university years. There's no denying the psychedelically tinged atmosphere was attractive to the average dazed and confused college aged kid but that wasn't our only reason for going as they certainly had the best pizza around and not all too expensive for an impoverished student.

mellow mushroom

The restaurant was actually started in Atlanta in the '70s by two students from my school, Georgia Tech, and now has franchises all throughout the Southeast and beyond. The Jacksonville location, in the Tinseltown plaza, is a relatively recent addition to the growing mushroom empire and has some of the most involved decorations I've seen. The pizza doesn't disappoint and the beer selection, for which Mellow Mushroom is famous, is rather extensive.

mellow mushroom2

There are some good pizza places around Jacksonville and Mellow Mushroom is definitely among the top contenders. There's also a large selection of hoagies and salads if pizza doesn't do it for you. So, whether it's for a bite to eat or an afterwork bar run, Mellow Mushroom is a solid choice if you're in the Tinseltown area.

Mellow Mushroom
9734 Deer Lake Court, Suite 1
Jacksonville, FL 32246

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