Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tree Steak House

The majestic oak just outside this Mandarin restaurant may have something to do with the name and certainly adds favorably to the ambiance. Inside is a dimly lit waiting area, illumination provided by an overhead light made from deer antlers, relatives of the disembodied bucks looking out from the front wall.

The decor of the Tree Steak House lies somewhere in the intersection of cozy, disturbing, and outdated. Crossing the threshold is almost like stepping back a few decades to the smoke-filled, pea-soup colored rooms of post-war growth.

Tree is quite an expensive place with meals starting in the teens and steadily rising. Splitting plates will incur an eight dollar fee for an extra salad and side (which we would have liked to split as well). Our New York Strip was delicious and well cooked but the sides were anything but appealing. The mashed potatoes were bland and cold, the cheesy baked potato was topped with something akin to a Kraft single. Our waiter was friendly but somewhat inept as he additionally charged another person's meal to our credit card, a gaffe that was not caught until a couple days later and which took my wife over 20 minutes of her precious time to sort out with the manager who was reluctant to accept responsibility for the error (initially lying to cover it up) and instead thought that we should be bound to the payment.

Tree has good steaks and an interesting atmosphere. If you're looking for satisfaction in more than those two areas then I suggest you go elsewhere... I know we will.

tree restaurant

Tree Steak House
11362 San Jose Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32223

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