Monday, June 2, 2008

Funari's Itailian Creamery - Jacksonville, FL

The first time I had ever had gelato was in Italy, and even after 2 years I still vividly remember my first bite. We stopped in a few cities in Italy during our visit to the country and I managed to find excuses in all of them to try the gelato. And like many of the dishes we tried over there, finding a comparable American version is next to impossible.

Enter Funari's Itailian Creamery, a little shop in a nondescript strip mall just north of the Avenues Mall on Phillips Hwy. Situated next to an Italian restaurant (complete with Italian speaking patrons) and an Italian cafe and dessert shop, Funari's is located in what I have dubbed Jacksonville's very little little Italy. And so they should be, as the gelato is phenomenal.


We tried a few of the different flavors, our favorites being the coffee and peanut butter. The boy at the counter suggested the brownie batter, which really does taste just like brownie batter, but after two spoonfuls became a bit overwhelming. It's a very welcoming establishment and they allow you to try which ever flavors you'd like before buying, which is great as they have a large variety. The place is lacking in terms of atmosphere and a little over priced, but definitely worth it for the occasional treat.

Funari's Italian Creamery
Two locations in Jacksonville:
9475 Philips Highway.

1232 Beach Blvd.

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