Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Coffee Grinder

The Coffee Grinder is one of the few independent coffee shops around Jacksonville and is unique in its more European approach to the bitter black nectar of life. This, as I found through a bit of pre-write-up research, is almost certainly due to the Bosnian origins of its owners.

Even the latte tasted like the coffee I fell in love with on my backpacking trip around the European continent which I would find myself consuming in lieu of actual food. It was also significantly cheaper than all of the other coffee shops I've visited around town; high quality at low prices is always a plus. We showed up on a Sunday afternoon so not much was going on but the nights typically feature DJs spinning a variety of electronic music.

Coffee shops, unlike restaurants and bars, rarely warrant a long excursion but I just might find myself heading out to this area just to visit the Coffee Grinder. But regardless of whether or not it is my target destination, I'll definitely stop in when in the neighborhood.

coffee grinder coffee

The Coffee Grinder
9834 Old Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL

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