Monday, May 26, 2008

Starbucks, Downtown Jacksonville

I think I've already insulted Starbucks a good number of times in the limited run of this blog. After all it's an easy target. Super-saturation, declining standards, and high prices; Starbucks is rapidly becoming the new McDonald's, symbol of all things evil in the eyes of the fist pumping, mouth foaming hordes of anti-capitalists activists. But here I'll have to admit that, despite my many gripes, I actually like this company and their [exorbitantly priced] coffee and I applaud their success. Like McDonald's, you know what you're going to get and that you can probably find a store within a half-mile radius.

the only starbucks in downtown jacksonville

Up until recently, however, there was no Starbucks in downtown Jacksonville and since most of downtown resembles the set of a post-apocalyptic movie on nights and weekends (very few signs of life, no commerce, lack of food, and zombies) this meant that you couldn't get your caffeine fix when you needed it (unless you're willing to drink the runoff from the Maxwell House factory). Well, worry no more:

There is now one Starbucks in downtown Jacksonville and the interior is pretty nice.

the only starbucks in downtown jacksonville interior


Crap... I just found out there's one at the Landing but I'm not going to count that one because the Landing sucks. Please, avoid the Landing at all costs unless you're looking to lose a few IQ points and completely ruin your outlook on humanity/Jacksonville/water/food. Thank you.

Starbucks Forsyth & Main
11 E. Forsyth St.
Suite 104
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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