Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chamblin Bookmine Downtown

Recently Chamblin Bookmine, Jacksonville's largest dealer in used literature, opened up a two story megastore in downtown. They're still in the process of stocking shelves and the cafe in front won't be open for another month or so from this post's publication date but there's still plenty to find in just a cursory glance at spines of the thousands-upon-thousands of books crammed onto the numerous rows of wooden shelves.

There's something so comforting about the slightly sweet smell of a used book and this place reeks of it. Even sweeter is that all used books are half off the original retail price and new books carry a ten percent discount, just look for the Chamblin Bookmine stamp inside the cover which indicates a used item.

So if has angered you too many times, you don't want to wait for something to be shipped, or you just want to browse through a bunch of old books looking for something to strike your fancy then head to Chamblin Bookmine... I'm looking forward to the opening of the cafe.

chamblin bookmine

Chamblin Bookmine
215 N Laura St
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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