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The Locavore Movement is gaining a lot of strength and momentum around these parts. More than mere fashion, it represents a fundamental shift in the way we eat, live, and do business. While this movement may not live up the hype and save the world, it will undoubtedly give us a more vibrant, varied, and creative local culture and economy.

Over the past couple years we've seen Jacksonville businesses eagerly supporting the local microbreweries and coffee roasters but the local sourcing of ingredients has been undertaken predominantly by the more trendy and expensive restaurants around town. There are, however, a few smaller restaurants that have dedicated themselves to supporting their neighbors. One such place is the top breakfast and lunch spot among the foodies and locavores in Jacksonville Beach: Delicomb.

not-so-vegan wrap

Practically Everything at Delicomb is made fresh using organic ingredients; from the sandwiches and wraps to the soups and all-day breakfast fare. The ingredients in my not-quite-vegan wrap (a vegan wrap with chicken added) hadn't even had time to mingle between construction and consumption and the side of chickpea salad was crisp and crunchy. Even with the freshness constraint and the diminutive size of the restaurant, there's an overwhelming number of delicious sounding items to choose from.

coffee and tea

Delicomb serves up some killer espresso drinks using single origin beans. Being unable to restrain myself in the face of over-caffeinated beverages, I couldn't pass up the speed bomb: a coffee with added espresso shots. While it still tasted quite nice, I think I'll just go with a regular old latte next time; if not for the flavor then for the sake of my kidneys.

veggie soup and muffin

Delicomb also specializes in making their own kimchi: a traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables and various spices. The recipes aren't quite conventional but they are pretty delicious. The kimchis are featured in a few of the sandwiches and wraps and you can buy jars to take home.

But the kimchis aren't the only thing you can get to go. True to the deli name, you can stop by to pick up some cheese, deli meat, hummus, and various sides along with the premium coffee beans and some goodies from local artisans (like Claude's Chocoloates). This is definitely a place that requires multiple visits to sample the great quality and variety, as is evidenced by their many hardcore regulars.

delicomb counter

The tiny little building off 3rd Street is easy to miss but hard to pass up. Whether you're a fanatic about organic and local food or just appreciate a good, fresh meal; Delicomb won't disappoint. If I were closer then I'd happily join the ranks of the regulars but I'll just have to be satisfied with the occasional journey to grab a good lunch and another jar of kimchi.

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1131 3rd St N
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
(904) 372-4192

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