Monday, May 31, 2010

Cool Moose Cafe

Let's dispense with the overindulgent introduction and cut straight to the chase. What's the number one quality that the Cool Moose Cafe possesses that sets it apart from all of the other diners around? The coffee.

cool moose cafe

I'll try to avoid going on yet another diatribe about the paltry quality of typical diner coffee because we all know it's garbage and we all know I'm a whiney coffee snob. The Cool Moose Cafe has a self-serve coffee bar with, if I remember correctly, around five different types on offer. True to my coffee snob nature, I don't indulge in the flavored varieties, so I'll only drink two of those five or six varities, but if flavored coffee is your thing then I'm sure you'll find them quite enjoyable. The regular coffee flavored coffee, particularly the house roast, is smooth in flavor, low in acidity, and doesn't taste like the beans were chargrilled.

cool moose cafe

For those of you out there that don't get all bent out of shape about coffee, you'll be pleased to hear that the food is also quite delicious; again, some of the best you can find on our diner scene. I definitely recommend the build-your-own omelette option for a superb tailor-made breakfast.

cool moose cafe

The huevos rancheros, though not quite traditional and more of a breakfast burrito, is also really good; one of the better breakfast burritos I've ever had. Make sure to check out the specials board for some interesting creations in lieu of the standard fare.

cool moose cafe

Above and beyond the coffee and food, the real reason I keep going back to the Cool Moose cafe is it's unparalleled atmosphere. Based on ambiance alone, Cool Moose is number one on my list for local diners and breakfast joints. So, if you're like I was and have resisted going for a long time due to some preconceived notion that it's just another diner then it's time to rectify that problem. Then again, I might need that table. Forget I said anything.

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Cool Moose Cafe
2708 Park St
Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 381-4242


Frederick Wright said...

Nice pictures and good review! Don't apologize for being a 'coffee snob'. Having standards is not the same as being a snob, it distinguishes you from the masses of people who will shovel any lazily-prepared, low-quality garbage into their gaping maws before shuffling off to Wal-Mart.

I'm glad to hear that Cool Moose cares about its customers enough to make decent coffee, which is quite hard to find anywhere in this country, let alone Jacksonville.

Veronica said...

I've been going to Cool Moose for about 5 years and my only grouse is that they can be painfully slow. However, that is not a true complaint because it really isn't the type of place you want to rush out of.

All in all, great review. You had me at "whiny coffee snob" and your use of the word "diatribe". I do agree with Mr. Wright regarding standards, but sometimes its still fun to be a snob.