Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am not a club person. There's typically very little beyond the noise, the smoke, the plastic cups, and the chest thumping that would actually make me want to go, particularly at such a late hour. However, as with all things in life, there are bound to be some exceptions to your general rules.


TSI is not your typical club. First and foremost, for an aspiring snob like myself, they have an impeccable draft beer selection. While not as great in quantity as you would find in a good pub (I think they number in the teens), those that get valuable tap space are top notch. There's a handful of great wheats too, a favorite style of mine, which definitely earns them bonus points on my imaginary scoreboard.

Not only are the beers good, they're also served in actual glasses, not plastic cups. Anybody who appreciates the quality of a good fermented beverage; anybody who values the flavor, feel, and overall craftsmanship far more than the buzz, will tell you that glassware matters. As part of my aspiring snobbery, I've decided to refuse to drink at places when they're serving out of plastic cups. A man needs to have principles.


Another of TSI's pleasant qualities is the abundance of music that doesn't turn my stomach and make my ears bleed. My beer snobbery may be a relatively recent phenomenon but my music elitism goes back years. You don't come to this place to drink Bud Light and listen to Top 40 hits, you come for Erdinger Weissbier and indie dance mixes. Before you call me biased for having my tastes pandered to, they definitely don't play "my kind" of music. However, they do at least play music that I can respect and enjoy.


Overall, in terms of the night club scene, TSI is just a unique and fairly classy place. Does it get smoky, is it loud? Sure, but that just goes with the territory. If you're looking for a late night with drinks and perhaps some dancing, consider it a welcome deviation from the standard bro-fests. Did I mention they have an excellent beer selection?

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Club TSI
333 East Bay St
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 424-3531

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