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Believe it or not, there are still plenty of people in Jacksonville who have never been to Brick. Until recently, we were some of the tragic fools among them. Believe me, it wasn't a lack of desire or intrigue. The too-perfect brick exterior is perfectly matched by the too-perfect brick lined interior adorned with perfectly spaced booths and tables, sun-lit through the spotless glass facade. In terms of ambiance, this has got to be our giant city's ultimate location for a pleasant meal.


Perhaps it was this impeccable appearance that put us off of going for so long. "I don't feel pretty/handsome enough today to grace the insides of such a place." It was definitely something beyond the mere "I'm too cheap to pay for the prices I expect they're charging" attitude since the thriftiness is often nullified by the promise of genuinely good food. Regardless of the reason, one visit made us regret our years of putting-it-off.

brick - bricks

We stopped in for lunch one cool, sunny Sunday. The place was buzzing with the brunch crowd but, despite the density of the patrons, it's hard to feel crowded in this place. The tables are far enough apart and the booths spacious enough that a full house doesn't mean a tight squeeze and the volume doesn't necessitate shouting.

brick - turkey sandwich

I ordered the Turkey Sandwich. Definitely not one of their more adventurous items but I was in the mood for something simple and somewhat wholesome. The ciabatta bread was fantastic, on par with the best I've had whilst traveling in Europe. A simple yet fantastic sandwich to say the least. I greatly appreciated the choice of couscous salad as a side, a delicious and welcome deviation from the standard potato heavy sides.

brick - veggie burger

The dear lady ordered what turned out to be "the best veggie burger ever." Moist, flavorful, and… just delicious; that's the best explanation I could elicit but sometimes wonderful things are hard to describe. The french fries also received rave reviews and I can also back up the claim since I did steal quite a few (despite already finishing my meal and hence eating too much).

Great meal, great experience, great service. The thought of the food and the comfortable atmosphere makes me yearn for another visit, perhaps next time for dinner. But then again, it's going to be hard to resist the attraction of that lunch.

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3585 Saint Johns Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 387-0606

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