Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Ass Coffee (lives)

The Bad Ass Coffee on Southside became Java Cove and then became a void. Once their franchise agreement ran out, they decided to forgo the renewal costs and the alluring name that went along with them. It's quite a shame really, the coffee was still the same but clever studies consistently prove that quality is no match for brand awareness in the world of consumerism.

badass coffee

Bad Ass Coffee is, as far as I know, the only establishment where you can simultaneously satisfy your craving for a good cup of coffee and infantile sense of humor. I mean, who can pass up an opportunity to walk into a conversation like this:

"Hey champ, whatcha got there?"

"Some Bad Ass Coffee."

See? Awesome. Sitcom-esque hilarity and coffee, two of the finest things in life. But for those who can't appreciate such fantastic humor, then how about some coffee ice cubes? Yes, Bad Ass Coffee makes the ice cubes for their iced coffee out of coffee. Genius. Your drink doesn't get watered down as the ice melts and the caffeine content is amplified to epic proportions.

badass tiki

There is one remaining Bad Ass Coffee in Jax, just a couple doors down from Pho King Noodles on Beach Boulevard. Pho King, Bad Ass, I smell a beautiful marketing partnership in the making.

While it's nice to know they're still around, the distance makes it a little hard to justify a quick mid-afternoon excursion to refuel for a long evening of work. So, if anyone out there wants to open another branch, I know of a perfect location. But be it Bad Ass or Flippin' Awesome, I'll be there as long as you've got the coffee ice cubes.

Bad Ass Coffee
11925 Beach Blvd. Ste #201
Jacksonville, FL 32246
(904) 620-0000

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Frederick Wright said...

Oh man, I am ashamed to admit that although I've giggled at Pho King Noodles and also Bad Ass Coffee, I never put the two together. Good find!

They are both great places on their own. The kids at Bad Ass serve some amazing genuine Kona coffee, not a blend, and they seem to genuinely care about the customers.