Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cozy Tea

Scouring the pages of the newly revamped (huge improvement) and looking for things to do, I came across an article about Cozy Tea, a newly opened tea house in Five Points.

cozy tea interior

According to the article, Cozy Tea's creator and owner, Shika Patel, had been planning to open a tea house for years and finally did so on November 21, 2008... right in the midst of an economic recession. Being a great appreciator of both tea and local entrepreneurship, I put Cozy Tea on the agenda for the following day.

cozy tea counter

My preconceptions about the place were completely shattered upon walking through the door. Five points has been undergoing a slight metamorphosis over the past couple years from shabby chic to just plain chic and this place is far more elegant than I had anticipated. Up front there is a store where you can purchase a wide variety of teas, tea accessories, and gourmet chocolates from Vermont's Lake Champlain Chocolates. In the back there is a cute dining room where you can go to sit and drink tea by the pot or indulge in some gorgeous looking sandwiches and deserts.

cozy tea londondery

Looking over the picture I took of the tea menu, there are 41 teas on offer, all of which you can be sniffed from little vials in the shop prior to purchasing. Tea enjoyed at the store is purchased by the pot for $3.25. Sharing a pot will cost you an extra $1.50 but there are free refills and one pot is quite a lot of tea anyway. Based on the descriptions in the menu I had narrowed my choice down to two varieties but upon exploring the aromas of the teas I changed my mind completely and instead went with the Lady Londonderry, an aromatic and citrusy black tea that is listed among the English Favorites. I had never encountered it before, not even in the UK, but being that Ms. Patel moved to the US from England, I'll take her word for it.

cozy tea carrot cake

We weren't too hungry so we didn't indulge in any of the amazing looking sandwiches served for lunch daily from 11am to 2pm. There are tea sandwiches, hot paninis, pastries, and more; all of which sounded delicious based on the descriptions and looked even more enticing when being carried to the tables of other patrons. I definitely plan on going back multiple times to sample some of the food as well as other varieties of tea. I'm not a big fan of deserts but the couple bites I had of the carrot cake were quite nice and it got the enthusiastic seal of approval from my wife.

The one unfortunate downside to Cozy Tea are the hours: 11am to 5pm. There was apparently a Sunday brunch offered early on but due to limited interest it was discontinued but I was told that plans are in the works to return with something smaller in the future. Still, it would be nice to stop in for a cup of tea during these chilly early mornings we're having or even to relax with a couple pots after a hard day of work. Here's hoping the place will be as successful as it deserves and subsequently expand their hours of operation so that I may stop by during the week some time.

Cozy Tea
1029 Park St,
Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 329-3964

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debc said...

thank you for sharing your Cozy Tea experience. my girlfriend shares your tea affinity and you just convinced me to include this on a v-day mini escape.

01001111 said...

I'm glad I could be of some assistance. It really is a nice place. Let me know how the food is if you try any. We haven't made it back there for a meal but I'm greatly anticipating my next visit.

foodie said...

I came across your site and was pleased to see that my husband and I were not the only ones who put quite a bit of thought into finding interest places to go or eat in Jacksonville. You have a lot of our favorites listed:
Burrito Gallery
Sangria House
The Casbah
Wine Cellar

We hope to make it out to Cozy Tea and Orsay soon.

woolwoman said...

I have to add that Cozy Tea is awesome - a restful respite from the busy avenue - I have been there on several occasions now and have had everything from lunch to creme tea - the creme tea I would highly recommend - the scone while not the traditional hard english scone was tasty and fresh - I was not so impressed with the chicken salad but it was edible and also fresh. The quiche needs help but might have just been the day - or not the day for quiche - I plan to frequent it often - I can't remember my fave tea but it is white swiss something. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Cozy Tea was inroduced to me when my group held our opening meeting luncheon there. What a wonderful place. The food and service were excellent. A friend and I enjoyed it so much we returned for lunch another day and this time the food was just as wonderful, the atmosphere was very relaxing and just what I needed during the middle of a very busy work day. I would caution you to plan to spend at least 45 minutes for your lunch as the food is prepared fresh so it's not the quickest lunch you'll find but definately worth the wait.