Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The towns of Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida have more in common with each other than with their more distant big-city counterparts. Dirty Southern charm, ancient oak trees covered in Spanish moss, and abandoned buildings being pulled back down to the earth from which they sprang by thick, green vines.

history destroyed

Being the first colonial and state capital of Georgia, Savannah has a rich history following its establishment in 1733. Savannah in many ways resembles our own historical tourist town, St. Augustine. Shops, restaurants, water, historical buildings, a liberal arts college; on paper, they almost look like the same place. But there are qualities about Savannah that set it distinctly apart from its Northeastern Florida companion. While St. Augustine has its share of old buildings, barring Flagler college and the old church, the way Savannah's historical architecture has been preserved and used makes the place seem more genuine and authentic in contrast to the purely tourist and souvenir driven downtown area surrounding St. George Street. The shops along the river in Savannah are very similar in character to the gaudy stores littering the downtown area of St. Augustine but keeping away from river-front there is still plenty of intrigue and charm. Twenty-four squares, historic houses, and abandoned buildings covered in the grime of centuries give this place an ethereal quality.

nature reclaims

Owing to the joint presence of tourists, rich residents, and art students, Savannah has some great shops and boutiques. Clothing, furniture, kitsch and honey are amongst the many quality items that can be purchased within their collection of high-end chain stores and local businesses. There are also some great local restaurants, our favorite being the Moon River Brewery who serve great food accompanied by their own terrific beers. The seasonal and special brews never fail to deliver on novelty, taste, and quality. With a vibrant music scene and a number of festivals (the biggest and most popular being the St. Patrick's Day parade) there is always something going on.

beer in savannah (old photo)

Being only a two hour drive away from Jacksonville, there's really no excuse for Northeastern Florida residents not to pay at least one visit to Savannah during a lazy day off.

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