Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The San Sebastian Winery - St. Augustine, FL

The San Sebastian Winery is one of many stops along the St. Augustine trolley tour and thus seems to keep a steady stream of visitors throughout the day, but not so many so as to put one off, even on a gorgeous warm spring Saturday afternoon. The major attraction is of course the free tour and wine sampling. I personally found the tour to be a little lack luster as it's self guided on Saturdays, consisting of a video and a 5 minute walk-around during which you visit four “tasting stations” offering samples of one or two of the 13 available wines . However, if you’re not one for guided tours then the situation is perfect but I was expecting more of a proper tasting.
After the sampling, we headed up to “The Cellar Upstairs” to enjoy the view and a glass of wine. For us, this was the highlight of the winery. The view is not what one would classify as spectacular, but it is quite nice and adds to the relaxing atmosphere. We both picked the Chablis as our favorite wine out of those we sampled on the tour and felt it necessary to order two glasses and some light appetizers to savor in the afternoon breeze.
Even with the abbreviated tour, we found the winery to be delightful and would highly recommend it.

vintner's red chill

San Sebastian Winery
157 King Street
St. Augustine, Florida 32084


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